GiliNanggu, The Enchanting Island



Heading into GiliNanggu, along the way we can enjoy the beautiful coast of Lombok west of the boat. Arriving at Gili Nanggu you are greeted soft, white sand. Sea water is calm and clear and the fish are close to shore that will lull anyone. Beautiful.

We can enjoy snorkeling GiliNanggu not too far to swim and the water was beautiful. We can rent a complete snorkeling equipment. Starting from the life jacket (float), snorkle (breathing aids), fin (frog legs) and mask (goggles). And bread to feed the fish colorful funny.

For those of you who can not swim should not be afraid, GiliNanggu waters are not too deep so we could enjoy the underwater sights without having to dive too deep.

As the sun sets is the most beautiful. Try to wait for sunset at the edge of the pier and enjoy the beauty of the orange watering our bodies. It was vacation not want to run out here.

If not satisfied enjoying GiliNanggu, we can stay in some of the cottages and bungalows are available.
In the morning we are greeted with a beautiful sunrise charming. It’s amazing.

GiliNangu the island paradise island in lombok.

Gili Nanggu Image

Gili Nanggu Image

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[img src=]96761
[img src=]96360
[img src=]96300
[img src=]96290
[img src=]96630
[img src=]96020
[img src=]95350
[img src=]94500
[img src=]93820
[img src=]93310
[img src=]92980
[img src=]92480
[img src=]92470
[img src=]92740
[img src=]92420
[img src=]91720
[img src=]92850
[img src=]94640
[img src=]93140
[img src=]92130
[img src=]90831
[img src=]90400
[img src=]90320
[img src=]89940
[img src=]89560
[img src=]88990
[img src=]88890
[img src=]88960
[img src=]88450
[img src=]88340
[img src=]88990


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