Perfect honeymoon In Gili Nanggu Islands, Lombok Indonesia


Gili Nanggu is fun to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach

Want honeymooners away from the noise of urban life, not something wrong when it comes to Lombok. In addition to Gili Trawangan, Gili island did have Nanggu can refine your honeymoon.

Bright blue skies, white sandy beaches, and the water is blue-green sea will welcome you when it comes to Gili Nanggu. This small island is located in West Lombok, or about 1 hour trip to the southern city of Sheet Harbour.

On the island’s area is about 12.5 hectares, it is available in a traditional style resort complete with thatched roof. Even so, this is actually very comfortable and even idolized many couples as a place for honeymooners.

It has a beauty that is not paid, Gili Nanggu was already known to the foreign tourists. So do not be surprised if more foreign tourists who visit the island rather than domestic tourists.

In addition to the comfortable resort, Gili Nanggu also have a very romantic view of the beach. Visitors can sit on the beach open to the shady trees. In front, beautiful scenery presented like watching television giant. Enjoy more serene morning by eating delicious breakfast provided.

Do not waste this beautiful nature, enjoy traveling around the island. It did not take long, about 45 minutes to circle the island because it is not too big. Along the way, just beauty to be seen.

You must also be able to enjoy the charm of the beach. Warm white sand because tersinar sun. Seawater also sparkles like a jewel in the distance. The surf beach is not too large, quiet and suitable for those who are on their honeymoon.

Nanggu Gili was also rich in natural scenery underwater. Clear sea water to make visitors can easily enjoy the beautiful views of the coral reefs and the fish that funny. If it does not have the tools to snorkel, you can rent at the resort where you are staying.

If you need a more romantic atmosphere, invite your partner to sit on the beach in the afternoon. Light golden yellow looks very beautiful sunset from the beach. Enjoy this beautiful view of the sunset and make your honeymoon more perfect this time.


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Gili Nanggu Lombok