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Nature Conservation

GILI NANGGU SEA TURTLE CONSERVATION PROGRAM has been functioning since 1995. Over the past 11 years, Gili Nanggu has hatched about 4.500 sea turtle eggs. Such record emphasizes the natural conservative attitudes and concerns that the management of Gili Nanggu have contributed to the global conservation program for the : sea turtle. The program is carried out in the most practical way, incorporating traditional values. First of all, Management takes the initiative in protecting the sea turtle eggs from being sold in a free market by purchasing those eggs from fishermen. The eggs are then buried in coastal sand for about 30-35 days.

The level of birth success using this method is about 80%. The baby sea turtles are carefully nourished till they reach the age of 5 – 6 months. At this age, a young sea turtle has developed a sufficient level of maturity and is able to take care of itself especially from predators. The baby sea turtles will normally survive when they return to their natural habitat. (based on data of Wikipedia, the level of survival rate of sea turtles returning to sea is found to be only 1 out of 100).

Adult sea turtles lay eggs once a year. If you are lucky enough and come to Gili Nanggu when baby sea turtles are ready for release. You can take part in this natural conservation activity. It is the most satisfying moment to watch them being released, you too can enjoy this special moment and in your way give the sea turtles a future.